I veri Castelli di Vlad l’Impalatore: Targoviste & Poienari


Uno degli obiettivi più popolari dalla Romania e il Castello Poenari. Vi invitiamo in un tour di un giorno partendo da Bucarest a Poenari, il vero castello del famoso Vlad L’Impalatore. Collocato sulla cima della montagna aveva una posizione strategica e adesso offre una meravigliosa vista sulla Valle di Arges.


In mattinata la vostra guida vi aspetterà in Piazza della Rivoluzione o presso il vostro hotel in Bucarest – capitale della Romania. Lasciamo Bucarest a ovest e andremo in autostrada

In the morning meet with our guide at your hotel or other location from Bucharest – capital of Romania. Leave the Bucharest on west and will go on the highway until Pitesti. Frpm here we’ll go toCurtea de Arges, the former second capital of Wallachia, the southern region of Romania. The strongholds rebuilt in the 14th century. See its Princely Church and its frescoed interior which is one of the first examples of Romanian paintings. The Episcopal Church (the monastery) which is a recreation of the original built in 1512 -1517 by prince Neagoe Basarab (rebuilt in 1875 – 1885) and Olari Church

Next we’ll go to Poenari Castle. Standing on a cliff but know in ruins this is known as the real castle of Dracula (Vlad Tepes). To get to the top you must climb up its 1400 steps (takes approx. 1 hour). Once you arrive to the top of the Citadel you will find that the citadel is surprisingly small, one third has collapsed down the mountainside in 1888. Entering through a narrow wooden bridge, you come across the crumbling remains of two towers within; the prism shaped one was Vlad’s ( Dracula’s) residential quarters, from here, according to the legend , The Impaler’s wife flung herself out from the window, declaring that better this way than be captured by the Turks, who were besieging the castle. Legend has it that Vlad himself escaped over the mountains on horseback.

Return to Bucharest where we’ll arrive in the evening. Drop-off at your location in Bucharest.

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